1. Millions of Exam Questions

    To get through your exams, you need to try your hands on as many exam questions as possible. We have a huge and growing bank of past exam questions supplemented with millions of similar exam-grade questions from our seasoned teachers and experts. The question bank grows every day making sure you’ll never run out of questions to try your hands until exam day.

  2. Step-by-Step Explanations

    After sitting for the exam, you are treated with detailed explanations of the answer choices you made. A full explanatory note follows each answer giving you a rich insight into the concepts covered in the exam. This rich note can on its own serve as a revision tool for you as you prepare for your exams.

  3. Exam Hall Experience

    Our software gives you a feel of the real exam in several ways. The time alloted is designed to be as close to the real timing as possible. You are forced to work within the time frame alloted. Finishing the number of questions offered in each exam in time will train you well in time management which is part of the real examination you are going to face.

  4. Performance Analysis

    You really need to have an idea on how you are going to perform in this exam. You need to know your average score, the areas you need to pay attention to, and how your progress is coming along. Our app gives you detailed, insightful analysis of your performance, score ranks, average time per question, improvement trends, and areas of relative weakness.

  5. Improvement Aids

    Facing an exam can be an ordeal. We believe it doesn’t have to be so. Different services are designed to make it easy and fun preparing for your exam. You can try your hands on as many as you want

  6. Live Tutor Support

    Wherever possible, we pair up you up with subject experts in each course who can answer to your questions and request for clarifications. You can ask questions, chat, and discuss any topic or problem anytime

  7. Class Discussions

    A great deal can be learnt from the thoughts of our approved tutors and other students like you. You can brainstorm, discuss, and collaborate on a topic-by-topic and question-by-question basis

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