Earn Money From NairAPP Adsense

 NairApp is the Solution to Adsense problem now because the hectic issues you will have to face in getting approved by Google Adsense. Google adsense is not easy at all for anyone to get because of the high policy demands. Many people are now shifting the ads to Nairapp so as to earn some from your passion as a blogger.  

more photos after the cut 

Nairapp money earning page in which you can use to monitor your earnings as people on your blog click the ads. You can also refer people to the link and earn almost ClicK here To Apply and start seeing your nairapp Earnings,

This is the link for publishers app Publishers Registration which is very good for mainly bloggers who wants to gain more traffic and earn money.

 This is the link for Advertisers that wants to help Nairapp grow audience and they also earn money from been an advertiser.  Advertisers Registration

This is how the dashboard looks like once you have registered with naira app

 The picture below show how your money grows as you place the adds on your website or blog

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