*737*3# Gtbank cardless withdraw: The Easiest Code For withdrawing without an ATM card

This post will teach how you can use Gtbank secret code “*737*3#” to withdraw money either if your ATM is bad or if you have lost your ATM or If Your ATM has expired.

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 So what am going to do is that am going to teach you how to use this small secret code to withdraw money at any Gtbank ATM without the use of atm card.

How it cardless withdraw works

There are so many things you can do with *737#. You do a transfer to other bank account, open a new gtbank account etc.  You can do more with *737# but with *737*3# you can only withdraw.

you can withdraw direct just by dialing the code on the network “MTN,  Glo,  Airtel or Etisalat” which you use to register the gtbank account. Once you dial the code on your line,  gtbank will alert you with a secret code on your phone.  So when you get to the ATM, all you need do is just click any button on the ATM machine and it will display some ouline messages,  just look for cardless withdrawals and hit the button, then it will tell you to put in the pin,  once you put the code the money will start coming out..

Cardless withdraw steps you can follow;

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  •  Dial the code on the mobile number you use to register the gtbank account 
  • It will ask you to put in the amount you will like to withdraw 
  • Once you have put in the amount then click send,  gtbank either display the code or send it to you on your mobile number
  • One your get to the ATM machine. Hit one of the button and many options will display on the screen
  • Just hit cardless withdraw 
  • Put in the code gtbank sends to you and the exact amount you you put in will come out. 
  • But remember gtbank chargers you 50 Naira for the service. 
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