Road Monster Car:Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Limo Cost A Whooping #500million Naira(PIC)

In Nigeria it’s like a custom to flaunt your wealth with the type of cars we use.

This monster truck Mercedes Benz G63 AMG cost a whooping N500million,not to talk of the price of shipping and import duty.

The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is one of the most powerful, rugged, and luxurious off-roaders to ever hit the market.

The truck is insane, it’s a 5,600pound,military-grade off-roader that can reach 60mph in 60seconds.

It also comes with a 5.5litre biturbo v8 engine, pumping out 544 horse power.

It also  got perimeter security, cameras, satellite, TV system, refrigerator, a bar, and a speed-vault quick-access pistol holder.

In an emergency situation, the truck’s indoor exhaust system can recirculate the air inside the vehicle in 60seconds to create a breathable atmosphere on-demand.

This car was built by the links group..

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