9mobile Free Surfing with N0.0 Requirements

9mobile Free Surfing with N0.0 Requiremens
1. Office VPN download here
2. 9mobile sim with N0.0
3. UCmini browser
4. Patience 

Steps For Set-up
>>Launch the Office VPN application you installed.
>>Tap on “Proxy Settings” at the right table side.
>>Tap on the icon to ON the APP Proxy

>>Tap on “+ADD” and add the installed UC MINI Browser to the category of apps to be bypassed by ticking it.

>>Now, go home and tap on “GO” to connect. Once connected, minimize the Office VPN.
>>Now, launch your UC Mini Browser.
>>Go to the site you want to download from e.g o2tvseries.com or youtube.com
>>Follow the normal procedure to download your movies and enjoy.

Finally, if the VPN stopped suddenly, tap on “Get more time” and enjoy.

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