My writeup on normal experiences of the unemployed youth and the Lagos labour market.

    Have you ever imagined a hunter armed with his weapons goes out to hunt for animals (meat), he aims,shoots and chases yet he comes back with no meat after a long day of hard work. waisted time & efforts isn’t it? there is a proverb that says “since the hunters have decided to shoot without missing,the birds have now decided also to fly without perching”, that is how the job market is. the hunter in this proverb stands for the job seeker while the birds signifies the jobs. Unemployment is a national problem anyway. It is myopic to narrow it down to a state. some people say Lagos is a land of many opportunities, well I can’t agree or disagree either to the notion.

    Education is meant to promise a lot in terms of securing a good job and having a good standard of living, that is all what we were taught to belief while still in school. Actually there is a big difference between believing and experiencing.(laughs).Ask those that have stayed at home for many years before managing to secure a job. Robert kiyosaki emphasized on his book about marketing, when he talked about his poor dad telling him to go to school, get a job and start earning a paycheck and be comfortable with that, while his rich dad said go out and be an entrepreneur and be your own boss by making more profits.

  The terrain Lagos is one of the most populated state in Nigeria,which contains thousands of graduates seeking for jobs everyday(including those who already have a job but looking for a better one).this makes any vacant opening highly competitive, only few qualified candidates are selected while others get jobs through their contacts or connection despite their poor certification. Hmm sad situation right?. Being unemployed is a state nobody wishes to belong, everyday u keep on checking your mails and text for interview invitation, yet no breakthrough. More so, you get false interview invitation from clever fraudsters(rampant in Lagos) which myself have fallen victim to, trust me the experience is hilarious and annoying.

   The effect of unemployment to a youth can be very frustrating and causes one to despair, only the mentally strong have the courage to keep carrying on. Some candidate go to job interviews with nervousness and an already defeated mindset caused by a doubt of competence. I would recommend you consult Mr Micheal Ibiyemi Fish Olarinmoye Monster CV brand to aid and arm you with confidence while you go for that dream job of yours, trust me his CV written skills has proven track records of success.

Finally the struggles of a Lagos based job hunter can only get better when he/she decides to add an impeccable attitude to his/her skills because having the right attitude is like the plate used in serving your skills”.

Watch out for more of my articles. Ebuka Promis Nwafor

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