GT Bank coins | All You need to know about how to use gtcoins

Gtcoins is a cryptocurrency and new coin base platform Gtbank is using to reward its customers. Gtcoins can be used for a few things but most especially to buy recharge card, pay some certain bills like your cable TV i.e DSTV, GOTV and so on.

How to get Gt bank coins
Gtcoins been used to purchase some limited kind of transactions can be gotten by the following means.
All you need to do to gather gt bank coins, is to;
1.       Recharge you mobile lines with at least a N100 worth of recharge card and you will be credited with gt bank coins.
2.       Use *737# frequently to make transactions and you will be credited with gt bank coins.
3.       Everytime you transfer money to a friend you are credited with gt bank coins.

How to use Gt Bank coins
Gtcoins can be used to do a few transactions as listed below;
·         Buying of recharge card.
·         Paying of bills.

How to accumulate GTbank coins
All you need to do to accumulate Gtbank coins is just do a lot of different transactions either using the gtbank Mobile app or Using *737# to do your transactions. The more transactions you do with either gtbank mobile app or *737# the more coins you will be credited with.

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