Surveywonks: Can online surveys really make you money?

Surveywonks: Can online surveys really make you money? 1
The internet is a cash cow for earning money. People have done so by writing blogs, filming themselves playing video games, and even taking surveys! Yes, you heard me, taking surveys online can earn you money. However, there are many myths out there about making money online via survey sites, and how some of them can be a scam site that only wants your information to send you emails, not send you money for taking surveys. Because of this, I am going to break it down for you and tell you exactly how survey sites can make you money, and things you should stay away from if you do not want to be scammed, or not paid for your time.
Survey sites are all over the internet. If you have never heard about them, it is because you probably haven’t thought of the possibilities that survey sites have to make money online. Check out, to see reviews on over 100 survey sites, and which ones can make you money. Now that you know where to look to read about some sites, let us dive into what they are, and how they can earn you money. For one, survey sites are the middleman between you, the consumers, and big companies. Companies pay survey sites to do market research for them, and in turn pay these survey sites for their services.
Survey sites than have the option of keeping that money and just having people take surveys for free, or paying their members for taking surveys. The best survey sites do the latter: because who would want to take a survey where they don’t get paid? Payment for surveys is usually made either by points, or actual dollars that get deposited into the members’ account on the survey site. The member then can cash-out on the site in either the form of real money through pay-pal, or gift cards to popular stores and websites.
So, the question here is can online surveys make you money? Well, this questions is quite subjective, because different survey sites offer more money than other, more surveys than others, and more opportunities to earn money. However, to give a straight answer; yes, yes you can make money on survey sites. If you take enough surveys, and cash that money out in a timely matter, you will see your bank account rise, and you will feel the effects of a secondary income on your expenses. Even if you earn an extra $100 a month on survey sites, that is over $1000 a year that you can spend on petty purchases, or even help pay bills such as utilities, phone bills, or monthly date.
With that said, survey sites can earn you money online. Stay away from survey sites that do not pay, or their payment process is very long and confusing. Instead, go to sites that are free to join, and can earn you money quickly and easily. If you have questions about which sites are credible, and which websites can earn you more money than others, make sure to do some research to make sure you pick the right ones.

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