Top 2 DIstinct Steps for Nysc Bio-metric installation Processes for 2019/18

In these post, i will like to talk about the nysc bio-metric process for the 2018/19 nysc registration process.

People who are searching the information about NYSC bio-metric
registration requirements can find two main methods described by NYSC in
terms of bio-metrics. We will mention both of them in this post. Keep
reading to learn everything about NYSC bio-metric registration.

NYSC registration
each new member of the National Youth Service Corps reaches their
primary place of assignment, they has to check their NYSC posting
online, scan their bio-metrics, attend the ‘orientation’ camp for a
couple of weeks, and only afterwards get the 1-year job followed by
official certificate ceremony.

NYSC biometric capture

Method 1.
Via desktop client
This registration method requires using a desktop tool and internet connection:

Step 1.
It is necessary to get Biometric Client
using this link to capture biometrics, according to NYSC requirements.’
You will have to obtain Biometrics Prerequisite (the links are available
at NYSC site). They are Microsoft .NET Framework and Windows Installer.
Make sure you get the correct versions.

NYSC candidate biometric registration requirements

Step 2.
You need no license if you prefer using this client. So feel free to launch it.

Step 3.
will see a detailed guide on how to get your application. Use internet
connection and the program instructions for NYSC biometric registration
along with fingerprints and photo of corps candidate.

Here are the main requirements for your photo:

– Use light (better white) background.
– The face has to be in the center.
– The photograph needs to be the same size as for the passport.
– The image has to be clear.

Sometimes you can face an unpleasant problem when trying to use the
client. In case you see the message ‘Get the updated version’ you are
highly advised to uninstall the tool. Download it again and proceed
through the installation once again.

Method 2. Via browser
Many people who search for NYSC biometric registration option come across the online method:

Step 1.
method used to be based on internet and some updates. You will need a
computer with internet connection and Java Runtime 6, 7 or 8.

Step 2.
It was possible to use any online browser, get drivers for Digital Persona Scanner and successfully scan fingerprints.
Although, according to the official NYSC biometric registration requirements listed on NYSC website, this online method of scanning biometrics for registration is no longer supported. So please be very attentive!

you know that NYSC requirements for registering biometrics data of each
prospective corps member involves the usage of Digital Persona 4500
Scanner. This is the only equipment that is allowed by the National
Youth Service Corps in Nigeria.

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