XclusivePLUS by Diamond/Access – What customers will enjoy

   The new package “XclusivePLUS” by Diamond is a lifestyle proposition designed for our bank clients.

Our XclusivePLUS subscribers are guaranteed to be given a smooth banking experience designed to give them special privileges and the exceptional service they deserve.

I guess you will be wondering which benefit you will want to enjoy if you join the club. You will find that out in the post below;

How to Join XclusivePlus club

For you to Enjoy the benefit, You have to join the club by using the link below;

What to to enjoy as an XclusivePlus club member

Premium Event Tickets: Complimentary event tickets such as movie premieres, art exhibitions, concerts and lots more.
Your Personal Banker: A dedicated personal banker is available at all times to help you with any financial transactions or advice you may require.
VISA Signature card: Access VIP club airport services with your Affluent Visa Signature Card in more than 1000 VIP Lounges at airports around the world. learn moreNetworking opportunities: Networking opportunities at our various seminars and conferences.
In-branch fast track service: Exclusive dedication and absolute priority in carrying out your operations.
Your Affluent Lounge: Unlimited access to our Xclusive lounges at select branches, malls and airports
Amazing Deals: Amazing deals and discounts from a wide range of merchants, home and abroad.
Gem Point: Opportunity to earn more GEM points than ever before.
Do you want subscribe to XclusivePlus Click here

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