[*565*11#]: NIID genuine codes to check your car insurance

[*565*11#]: NIID genuine codes to check your car insurance – Are you a car owner or a car user in Lagos state or anywhere in Nigeria, if yes then these post is for you. The NIA (Nigeria Insurance Association) of Nigeria has release a special code that you can use to check the validity of your car insurance.

NIID genuine codes dialing 

For you to be updated about your car insurance, you need to be very familiar with these code *565*11# so as for you to check if yur car insurance has expired.

Avoiding payment of levies from the state government is one thing to avoid when you are passing some locations.

Some location that has a high definition camera that easily get your plate numbers which the Lagos state VIS uses to identify the invalid document.

  1. Ikeja Secretariat

(NIID genuine codes) Documents VIS always check for Validity is as follows:

  • Third-Party insurance
  • Road worthiness and 
  • Vehicle lincenses.

Details you need to know about car insurance (NIID genuine codes)

It is also significant for motorist to avoid government officials who manage and regulate traffic to impounding their cars for expired vehicle papers. The following are preventive measures or steps to be taken for renewing expired or outdated vehicle papers.

  • Be conscious of the expiry date of the present vehicle papers to avoid impounding of cars.
  • Try to renew your vehicle papers a week or days before the stipulated expiry date of the present papers.
  • Patronize a corporate organisation for vehicle paper renewal such as MVAA, FRSC, VIO or newly established online delivery organisation such as http://carreg.com.ng/product-list.php?pg1-cid48.html or Regexpress.

There are two ways of getting these papers, (NIID genuine codes) either in split such as:

  • Buying the insurance policy off of the website of a couple of Nigerian companies
  • Getting the vehicle licence renewed at any branch of any commercial bank in Lagos 
  • Visiting the FRSC office to get road-worthiness certificate renewed
  • OR
  • Applying for all three documents together from government agencies or corporate organizations.
  • The internet will be of huge help either in searching for locations of the above mentioned organizations near you, or showing headway in getting the papers online.

An example is a link on the internet that indicates a service that catered for the renewal of all three papers at a very affordable price of 10000 Naira – inclusive of delivery with just a screenshot of an expiring vehicle licence. Without moving from the comfort of your home or office and also without the stressful experience of delays and long queues in most government agencies. 

  • Cost of renewing vehicle papers at different corporate organisation may vary due to a reason or the other. However, it should not be less or more than #12,000.
  • Requirement for renewing vehicle papers is the expired or about to expire documents.

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