Nysc Foreign trained graduates required document verifications for NYSC Mobilization

Nysc foreign graduates – the information we are about to post is about the mandatory documents verification exercise which NYSC has made compulsory for all foreign students. The management in has made it compulsory that any graduate from a foreign university must present some documents before further registration for the NYSC batch b 2019.

More details about the NYSC required document verifications for foreign student is listed below.

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How can I verify my documents before NYSC Mobilization?

You need not ask much question on these because these post got you covered. To verify your document, all you need is visit the NYSC secretariate in your state of residence which we will discuss after this.

Where can I verify my certificate (nysc foreign graduates only)

The list below shows the designated verification secretariate that any foreign student can easily go and verify his or her certificate before Mobilization of batch b 2019.
  • Lagos state NYSC office: NYSC secretariate at old census office, Baba animashahun street, surulere Lagos state.
  • Enugu secretariate office: 2 Abakaliki road, GRA, Enugu state.
  • Rivers state secretariate office: 40 ikwere road, phc, Rivers State.
  • Abuja secretariate office: NYSC orientation camp, kubwa fct Abuja.
  • Bauchi secretariate office: Turaki Abdul road, Fadamar Mada, Bauchi.
  • Kano secretariate office: gwarzo road, kano state.
Any of the nysc foreign graduates may visit any of the secretariate above for his or her verification.

What are the required NYSC documents for foreign student

Below is a list of requirements for easy verification of any foreign student who wants to register for the batch b 2019/2020 program
  1. Certicates issuesd from the University.
  2. Transcripts.
  3. Travel documents.
  4. Evaluation letter from Ministry of Education and
  5. Resident permit information where applicable.

How long will the verification last

These verification exercise will last for four days starting from 6th August to 10th August 2019.
For other students who have been exempted or part time students should also present their documents at designated locations.
For any information you need send us a comment we will reply immediately.
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