Glo 1.25Gigs for 200 Naira Sunday Data Plan (Covid-19)

Glo 1.25Gigs for 200 Naira Sunday Data Plan (Covid-19)

Stay at home policy given by the state government In lagos state, Glo has lauched a data services called the Glo Sunday Data plan, the offering gives subscribers 1.25Gigs for 200 Naira worth of data on Sunday to chat, browse, stream and connect with loved ones, community, clubs and society meetings. The plan is for 24 hours since the lock down has said that no social gathering must take place at these trying times for the world

A statement from Globacom said the plan empowers them with more data to make their Sundays more pleasurable as they perform their normal private and business engagements through the net especially at this period of restriction of movements from one place to another and restriction from going for sunday services, so you can use the data to stream online services for christians/muslims.

How To Subscribe To Glo Sunday Data Plan

Customers interested in choosing the Sunday Data Plan are enjoined to dial *777# and go to “Night and Weekend” tab or visit and follow the instructions.

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How To Buy Glo Sunday Data via *777#

  • dial *777#
  • enter 1 to buy data
  • enter 1 to buy data plan
  • enter 1 if you want the plan to auto renew or enter 2 for one off
  • enter 7 for “Night and Weekend plans’
  • enter 4 to buy the 1.25Ggs for #200 plan.

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Can the customer purchase this plan only on a Sunday?

  • The customer can purchase the plan on any day of the week
  • The customer will be able to use the plan only on the subsequent Sunday
  • For example, if the customer purchases the plan on a Wednesday, he would be able to use the volume only on the coming Sunday

Will the Glo sunday plan work on modems, routers and mobile routers?

Yes, the plan will work on any compatible device

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Will my unused volume on Glo Sunday plan get carried forward?

No, the unused volume on the Sunday plan does not get carried forward

How to check Glo Sunday data balance ?

Visit or use *777# to check data balance

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